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Over a decade of offering Vehicle Tracking Systems for several industry verticals.
India’s most reputed Vehicle Tracking Systems company with more than 30,000 GPS vehicle tracking units deployed

  • Sales & service presence in more than 15 cities in India
  • Industry best Service up-time & support
  • Rugged device conforming to military specifications for dust, shock& vibration(MIL 810)
  • IP 67 & Automotive Use Certified GPS device
  • Can bus compatible
  • Tamper proof device

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Walky images

When it comes to Walky Talky Services or Walkie Talkie Services if you prefer, Arya Omnitalk is India’s largest service provider with 30,000+ Walkie Talkies in operation, 400+ radio channels spread across 14 leading cities.   

  • Instant citywide Walky Talky coverage in 14 metros & mini metros. ( Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Pune, Surat, Vadodara, Vishakhapatnam.)
  • No need to apply for a license. Equip your front-line with Walkie Talkies, tomorrow if you wish!
  • Privacy guaranteed with virtually no cross talk.
  • Free preventive maintenance calls under warranty / AMC & Service at your doorstep.

Arya Omnitalk is a market leader in Walky Talky solutions allowing instant 2-way communication between groups of people on a one-to-one & one-to-many basis. Known as Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service (PMRTS), Arya Omnitalk Walkie Talkies help you enhance productivity of your field force & improve your bottom-line.

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L&T Vadodara Bharuch Tollway Limited

Arya Omnitalk is a leading player in Highway Toll Systems & HTMS in India, having already supplied & commissioned 220 Toll lanes.

In alliance with Sanef ITS Technologies, France,a world leader for supplying innovative Mobility and Toll systems, Arya Omnitalk brings Sanef Its’ global experience & track record in implementing cutting edge Mobility & Intelligent Transport & Toll Systems with the assurance of a 24×7 local support at Indian prices.

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Dealership - Arya Omnitalk

GPS tracking is a sunrise industry that has a very promising future. Since the present market penetration levels are extremely low, there’s a huge scope for the business to grow exponentially.

To put this in numbers, we can say more than 5 million trucks are waiting to be fitted with GPS Vehicle Tracking System in India alone.  Any vehicle engaged in timely delivery of men, materials, money or machines, where improvement in transit time & productivity can make a significant difference to the cost or control over logistics, is a prospect for an Arya Omnitalk’s GPS Vehicle Tracking installation.

As India’s largest GPS tracking solution provider Arya Omnitalk wishes to expand its market reach by forming an alliance with prospective Channel partners who are looking to build a new avenue for an exciting growth.

Contact us at to understand how you can build a new income stream for yourself that may leave a lot of annuity based schemes pale by comparison!

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Why Arya Omnitalk ?


Arya Omnitalk Walky Talky Advantage

  • If you need to talk beyond 1 sq. km area, there is no alternative better than Arya Omnitalk.
  • No waiting time for obtaining License or permissions or IB Clearance.
  • A wide choice of Walky Talkies with the option of outright purchase or deferred payment.
  • Assurance of onsite support.
  • Presence in 14 Metros &Mini-Metros.
  • Unlimited talk time at a limited, fixed monthly fee.
  • Special requirements and applications

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Arya Omnitalk Vehicle Tracking System Advantage

Field proven solutions for

  • Dial 100 & Public Safety
  • BPO employee transportation
  • National trucking operations
  • Intelligent Transportation Solutions for Public Transportation including Passenger Information Systems
  • School bus transportation
  • Cash transportation
  • RMC trucking operations
  • Tamper Proof Device

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L&T Krishnagiri Thopurghat Toll Road Limited

Arya Omnitalk Highway Toll Systems Advantage

  • Backed by over 150 trained resources in technical & customer support.
  • 24×7, 365 days maintenance support infrastructure.
  • Global engineering practices. In-depth knowledge & track record of integrating diverse technologies.
  • ISO 9001 certified operations for toll management systems & more…


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Vehicle Tracking System

Walky Talky

Highway Toll & Traffic Management

Walky Talky Solution - Arya Omnitalk

Walky Talky Featured Solutions

Arya Omnitalk introduces the all new Digital Walky Talky. In this system, the digitized audio stream is less susceptible to noise, retaining natural voice and delivering superior clarity at varying signal strengths.

Featured Solution edited

GPS Vehicle Tracking System- Featured Solution

Online real-time tracking on digitized map with zoom, pan, search, locate, audit trail, etc. GIS utilities to manage large fleet of trucks. Specialized utilities for the Trucking & Logistics industry. 

About Us

Arya Omnitalk is a joint venture between the J M Baxi and Lalbhai Groups. The JM Baxi Group is a pioneer and leader in the field of transport and logistics services in India today.The Lalbhai Group is one of the most respected industrial houses in India with revenues over Rs 50 billion.

Our Clients
Clients - Arya Omnitalk
Clients - Arya Omnitalk
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