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An opportunity to become an Arya Omnitalk Channel Partner.

Existing business potential of Vehicle Tracking System

The GPS Vehicle Tracking industry is a sunrise industry that sees a promising future for itself. Since the current market penetration levels are extremely low, there’s a huge scope – about 90% – for the product. To put this in numbers, we can say more than 5 million trucks are waiting to be fitted with a Vehicle Tracking System!

And that’s only about trucks. Now consider the huge requirement in school buses, city & state transport buses, cash vans, radio taxis, mini cargo vans, police patrol vans, courier pick up & delivery vehicles and BPO/call centre vehicles.

Any vehicle engaged in timely delivery of men, materials, money or machines, where improvement in transit time & productivity can make a significant difference to the cost or control over logistics, is a prospect for an Vehicle Tracking System installation.

What you need to validate.

The vehicle tracking industry has witnessed many fly-by-night operators in the last few years who may tempt both the end customer and a channel partner with seemingly low priced offers. Arya Omnitalk’s sincere advice to all the concerned is to validate the following before opting for any low priced offer:

  • Product certifications (check all the certifying agencies’ websites)
  • Whether antenna is external or internal
  • Whether battery is in-built into the unit
  • Whether hardware & software is sourced or designed in-house
  • Installed base (check POs from customers & satisfactory service letters / testimonials)
  • Web service uptime (is it system computed?)
  • Parent company credentials & years in business
  • Sales & service infrastructure (ask for contact nos. & check)
  • Ability and flexibility to customise applications

Why only Arya Omnitalk?

Arya Omnitalk is a pioneer in offering GPS based Vehicle Tracking Systems. Arya Omnitalk’s Vehicle Tracking Solution is the largest player in the industry with an installed base of over 50,000 devices. Today Arya Omnitalk’s GPS enjoys the largest market share in Police Vehicle Tracking (Dial 100), Taxi Management Solutions, BPO Employee Transportation, Public Transportation, School Bus Industry & Trucking.

A 50:50 joint venture between two of India’s most reputed business houses: the J M Baxi Group & Lalbhai Group, with combined revenues exceeding 25 billion Indian rupees.

Arya Omnitalk is India’s largest Public Mobile Radio Trunking (Walky Talky) service provider.

Arya Omnitalk GPS hardware, software and web services are designed & built in-house – assuring seamless integration for high reliability. In-house development enables Arya Omnitalk to make feasible customizations faster.

15 sales & customer support locations across India result in easy accessibility. Arya Omnitalk Vehicle Tracking System has just launched in the UAE. Arya Omnitalk’s Dubai office has just signed up with a leading channel partner and commenced operations for offering all its vehicle tracking system & management solutions.

Arya Omnitalk Vehicle Tracking System

The Arya Omnitalk’s vehicle tracking device comes with a TUV certification for ‘CE’ (Safety, Electro Magnetic Interference & Electro Magnetic Conduction protected).

Its IP 67 certification confirms that it is a sturdy device that is shock, dust, vibration and water resistant.

Built-in GSM & GPS antennas and battery make it less tamper-prone compared with most other devices.

Arya Omnitalk’s vehicle tracking device has the versatility to connect with a range of input & output sensors / devices – fuel sensor, proximity sensor, temperature sensor, relay, etc.

How easy is the Vehicle Tracking System for end user to use and experience

All the customer has to do, is to get a GPS vehicle tracking unit installed in the vehicle by a Company authorized installer (it can be the same as the Arya Omnitalk channel partner), get a PC with an internet connection & log onto | to manage his fleet.

Almost all user parameters are ‘user’ programmable in terms of setting frequency for getting location updates, speed limits for violation and transit time to various locations en route & including destination.

The vehicle tracking system also generates some reports categorized as under:

  • Complete travel path report
  • Speed violation report
  • Stoppage violation report
  • Start-End point report
  • Consolidated report
  • Geo fence In-Out report
  • Trip summary report

These reports are available for a particular truck as well as in a summarized manner for the entire fleet, giving the user complete information on the fleet deployment.

Why should you invest your time & money in the GPS Vehicle Tracking System business?

The nature of the GPS vehicle tracking business opportunity provides money to be made not only on every sales transaction but also on the rapidly growing count of customers, generating an income annuity, much like a pension, for you.

You need to train your service person for installation & commissioning, as well as for handling customer demos & walking a prospective customer through customer programmable features of the Vehicle Tracking & Management application as well as fault dragons & first level repair / redressal of complaints. Your sales staff and you need to be trained for making the right pitch to prospective customers, to handle queries & objections and to close sales.

Most successful & large channel partners in other IT enabled service businesses are the ones who recognized & entered the business while it was new, small in size but with the potential for enormous growth. The GPS vehicle tracking industry fits the description of a large opportunity in waiting. Why not seize it now?