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The Arya Omnitalk Solutions

Imagine the power to communicate with a scattered group of people at one go. Imagine communication without the hassle of dialing or waiting for the other person to pickup. Imagine a dedicated communication line, devoid of network congestions or interruptions. Now, stop imagining! Because Arya Omnitalk Solutions provide you all this and much more. In plain speak, the Arya Omnitalk Solution is a service allowing instant 2-way communication between a group of people on a one-to-one and one-to-many basis. Conventionally known as the Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service (PMRTS), this solution facilitates efficient management of mobile resources, thereby empowering you to be in total control. All the time. The result? Optimum utilization of resources, faster turnaround time and enhanced organizational efficiency leading to faster growth and healthy bottom lines.

The Arya Omnitalk Advantage in a Nutshell:

      • Push-to-talk: Instant communication at the push of a button.
      • Unlimited group size for conferencing with private call facility.
      • Clutter-free, city-wide coverage.
      • No scope for misuse and external distractions.
      • Mission critical messaging facility*, both group and one-to-one.
      • Unlimited talk time at a low fixed cost.
      • Best suited for emergency response and crisis management.
      • No waiting, no dialing, no network congestions.
      • Total Command & Control: Management by listening in.
      • No licensing hassles.

* In select models only

Laws governing the use of Walky Talky in India.

Unless you buy a Walky Talky service from a licensed Walky Talky Operator (Arya Omnitalk) you will need to:

Get a license from the Department of Telecomunications to deploy Walky Talky for captive use.

Apply for issue of spot frequencies by the wireless planning & Co-ordination Cell & the Intelligence Bureau ‘no objection’ (a process generally taking more than a year).

Seek written approval to use Mini-UHF walky talky from your local wireless Monitoring Cell. These walky talky work in an ‘open category’ of spot frequencies and you could experience an annoying interference from your neigbours if they are also using Mini- UHF walky talky.

No rentals of mini-UHF or other Captive RAdios are permissible under Indian law – so if the delear you are buying from is offering you rentals, it is illegal & you will accordingly face all consequences including imprisonment of Directors.

You need to ensure that every year, you pay Royalty & carges for use of frequencies to WPC to be on the right side of the law!

Please visit http:/ for detailed information on compliance with the relevant section of Indian Telephone & Telegraph Act for deploying walky talkies for captive use.

Educational Resources from Arya Omnitalk

The phrase “fleet tracking” has come to encompass everything from GPS location tracking to in-vehicle cameras to telematics. Depending on your level of exposure to the category, you may or may not know all of the different ways that a robust, live fleet tracking and management solution can benefit you and your business. That’s what this section is all about.

Browse our materials to learn how real-time fleet tracking and management – and specifically Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence – informs decisions that result in quantifiable benefits. Discover opportunities to make your business more competitive, reduce costs, increase revenue and even reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re already familiar with fleet tracking benefits, check out our fleet tracking reviews, case studies, testimonials and other resources to see why Arya Omnitalk Wireless Solutions is the right choice for you.

Learn more about Arya Omnitalk, leader in GPS based vehicle tracking, walky talky and highway toll management systems.


One of the major concerns faced by Concessionaires – operating on a BOT basis – is collection of the correct Toll amount – as applicable for the different classes of vehicles – with pilferage (during collection of toll) being one of the major problems faced in a manual system of operation. This calls for installation of semi/fully automated Toll Collection Systems – offered by sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk – with automatic classification of vehicles and back end support/operation for discrepancy management. The other important requirement that Concessionaires have is of a HTMS system for surveillance of the plazas and highways for security reasons as well as ensuring safety of the road users. The HTMS solution provided by sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk includes systems like Variable Message Signs (VMS), CCTV, Metrological Stations, Automatic Traffic Counters cum Classifiers (ATCC), Radio Communication Systems and Emergency Call Boxes that can be installed all along the highways/expressways.

Technical Details

Arya Omnitalk & sanef its technology together bring world class Toll Collection and HTMS Solutions to the Indian Concessionaires

Toll Collection System

    • Conventional Toll Collection Systems including manual and automatic collection, based on reliable technologies (LCD monitor, touch screen monitor, industrial computers, fast toll barriers, optical, wave and magnetic sensors, LED displays).
    • Electronic Toll Collection including Free-Flow and Fast-Toll collection, based on proven technologies (DSRC 5,8 GHz, video motion detectors, Laser Scanners, optical separators).
    • Vehicle Classification System based on proven sensor technologies (weight, length, height, axles, dual tire, profile, video).
    • Vehicle Enforcement System and Video Surveillance System.
    • Sub-Central Systems and Central Systems to collect, audit and report all activities on the Toll Collection System (based on WAN and LAN technologies).
    • Customer relation services with customer care centers, frequent user discount management, user account management (point-of-sales or remote reload, invoicing, payment management, legal follow-up).
  • Maintenance Management System including vehicle fleet and personnel team management, spare parts and equipment management, statistical and events reports, emergency recovery plan management.


  • Emergency Roadside System with: Emergency Call Boxes (ERT) using different technologies and media supports (Fibre copper cable, GSM/Radio based on and/or market standards (VOIP, MTP, Microsoft,…); sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk also provides the Call Supervision System.
  • Weather Stations (WTHS) sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk also provides the WTHS Supervision System.
    • Advance Traffic Counters & Classifiers (AVCS) using different technologies; sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk also provides the AVCS Supervision System.
    • Variable Message Signs (VMS) based on different technologies (LED, Fibre Optic); sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk also provides the VMS Supervision System.
    • Radio Communication System (RCS) based on secured or encrypted data/voice over Radio Frequency network; sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk also provides the RCS Control Centre.
    • CCTV Cameras with color and night capability ; sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk also provides the CCTV Supervision System.
    • Video Incident Detection System (VIDS) based on different technologies (Infrared, motion sensor, virtual Loop, thermal signature); sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk also provides the VIDS Supervision System.
  • Slow Speed Weigh-In-Motion Systems (WIM) using different technologies (piezo-electric sensor, strain-gauge platform); sanef its technology & Arya Omnitalk also provides the WIM Supervision System (as part, or not, of a Toll Collection system or a Classification System).

Learn more about Arya Omnitalk, leader in GPS based vehicle tracking, walky talky and highway toll management systems.