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Walky Talky

Laws Governing The Use Of Walky Talky In India.

Unless you buy a Walky Talky service from a licensed Walky Talky Operator (Arya Omnitalk) you will need to:

  • Get a license from the Department of Telecommunications to deploy Walky Talky for captive use.
  • Apply for issue of spot frequencies by the wireless planning & Co-ordination Cell & the Intelligence Bureau ‘no objection’ (a process generally taking more than a year).
  • Seek written approval to use Mini-UHF Walky Talky from your local wireless Monitoring Cell. These walkie talkies work in an ‘open category’ of spot frequencies and you could experience an annoying interference from your neighbors if they are also using Mini- UHF walky talky.
  • No rentals of mini-UHF or other Captive Walkie Talkies are permissible under Indian law – so if the dealer you are buying from is offering you rentals, it is illegal & you will accordingly face all consequences including imprisonment of Directors.
  • You need to ensure that every year, you pay royalty & charges for use of frequencies to WPC to be on the right side of the law!

Please visit http:/ for detailed information on compliance with the relevant section of Indian Telephone & Telegraph Act for deploying walkie talkies for captive use.

The Arya Omnitalk Walky Talky Solutions

Imagine the power to communicate with a scattered group of people at one go. Imagine communication without the hassle of dialing or waiting for the other person to pickup. Imagine a dedicated communication line, devoid of network congestions or interruptions. Now, stop imagining! Because Arya Omnitalk Walky Talky Solutions provide you all this and much more. In plain speak, the Arya Omnitalk Walky Talky Solution is a service allowing instant 2-way communication between a group of people on a one-to-one and one-to-many basis. Conventionally known as the Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service (PMRTS), this solution facilitates efficient management of mobile resources, thereby empowering you to be in total control. All the time. The result? Optimum utilization of resources, faster turnaround time and enhanced organizational efficiency leading to faster growth and healthy bottom lines.

Introducing the new Digital Walky Talky. The digitized audio stream is less susceptible to noise, retaining natural voice and delivering superior clarity.

The Walky Talky Advantage in a Nutshell:

  • Push-to-talk: Instant communication via walkie talkies at the push of a button.
  • Unlimited group size for conferencing with private call facility.
  • Clutter-free, city- wide walky talky coverage .
  • No scope for misusing the walky talky and no external distractions.
  • Mission critical messaging facility*, both group and one-to-one.
  • Unlimited walky talky talk time at a low fixed cost.
  • Walky Talky communication are also best suited for emergency response and crisis management.
  • The advantage of using the Arya Omnitalk walky talky is no waiting, no dialing, no network congestion.
  • Total Command & Control with a superior walky talky system: Management by listening in.
  • No licensing hassles with Arya Omnitalk’s walky talky services.

* In select walky talky models only.

Informative Presentation on Walky Talky Service by Arya Omnitalk

Informative Video on Walky Talky presented by Arya Omnitalk

Laws Governing Walkie Talkie Usage In India

Laws Governing Walkie Talkie Usage In India

Arya Omnitalk Walkie Talkie Solution for Employee Transportation