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Digital Walky Talky Solution

Arya Omnitalk’s Digital Walky Talky Solution

Arya Omnitalk’s Digital Walky Talky/ Walkie Talkie Solution provides a new meaning to the emergency communications for highway concessionaires.

Superior technology & good engineering ensures low overall cost of the solution. This superior walkie talkie solution provides congestion free, interference free & reliable network for emergency communications on Highways for Toll Supervisors, Lane Assistants, Route Patrol Vehicles, Cranes, Ambulance and Maintenance thus ensuring commuter’s safety.

Whether 50 Km or 1000 Km, now enjoy seamless conversations anytime, anywhere on the entire highway stretch with a never before digital Voice Clarity, Static free, Squelch free, Built in messaging & GPS based vehicle tracking option on call.

All solutions offered are on a turnkey basis with a lifetime support backup & best in class network up time.

Our Digital Walkie Talkie Communication footprint is under implementation in over 550 kms of highways.

A world of exciting new Digital Walkie Talkie functionality:

Digital radios operate in digital mode, which means they use a mathematical system represented by binary numbers 1 or 0 to transmit the voice, which becomes digital. Therefore, the transmitted voice is much more clearer. Furthermore, a digital walky talky can recognise the background noise and simply not transmit it. Digital walkie talkies are more efficient, with crystal clear communication even on fringes. Digital radios also come with advanced applications such as GPS, data tracking, more conversations at the same time, text messaging, emergency alarm and many more.

  • Outstanding voice clarity- no static
  • Wider coverage, with crystal clear communication even on fringes
  • Built-in GPS option for people & vehicle tracking
  • In-built voice & data scrambling, with user friendly keys
  • Two times more spectrum efficient than the analog system
  • Works in analog & digital mode enabling graceful migration
  • Advanced text messaging & fleet management applications
  • Signal strength / network availability indication on the radio
  • With capabilities for still image transmission