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Vehicle Tracking System

Pioneers in GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems in India with state of the art technology in Fleet Tracking!

Few in the industry can match Arya Omnitalk’s advanced & comprehensive suite of utilities created for efficient management of truck fleet logistics. Starting with a global fleet view, the fleet manager has the option to set several parameters that can be configured & monitored to give your fleet operations a cutting edge.

Arya Omnitalk is perhaps the only Company in safe employer transportation starting with routing thousands of vehicles, ferrying tens of thousands of employees in a few minutes to determine their most optimum pick up & drop sequence. The solution offers uploading the vehicle trip sheet on the fly in the sequence of employee pick up or drop given the business constraints of no women employee being picked up first or dropped last. Read more..

Dispatch is one of the most efficient application suites of Arya Omnitalk which offers end-to-end package for control room centric Taxi Management Solution. This Vehicle Tracking System offers tight integration of Call center Module, Tracking and Dispatch Module and Business Module for making Taxi dispatch most efficient. Today more than several operators are using this utility for their thousands of radio taxis in India for offering the best customer services while achieving advantages of flexible but firm business controls, plugging of revenue leakages, performance management etc.

Fleet management: Improve fleet operations with enhanced productivity of your fleet

With Arya Omnitalk’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System you can have peace of mind that your entire fleet is where you expect them to be. Get actionable data that helps you verify when your fleet is on the job site, optimize fleet usage and increase driver accountability.

Locate Your Fleet Remotely
Arya Omnitalk’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System enables you to verify the location of your fleet at any time from the convenience of a web-based fleet application. Plus, you can view a 24-hour driving history of each vehicle, start/stop times, drive time summary and other detailed reports that enable you to manage your fleet from your seat.

Help Boost Driver Efficiency
When you know where your fleet is you can send your closest drivers to a job, helping you accomplish more in the course of a day. Plus, when drivers know that you are aware of their whereabouts, they often make more responsible decisions, such as reduce speeding and excessive idle time.

Optimize Vehicle Usage
Operating an efficient fleet starts with knowing where, when and how your fleet is used. Get detailed information that helps you track trends for trips taken, days utilized, miles driven, engine hours, vehicle maintenance and more, so you can make informed decisions about each vehicle in your fleet.

Our GPS Tracking Solution Advantage

  • Over a decade of GPS Vehicle Tracking solutioning experience.
  • Pan India presence for sales & service.
  • More than 50,000 GPS units installed & India’s leading Vehicle Tracking System service provider.
  • Industry best service uptime & support.
  • Rugged tracking device as per military grade.
  • Compliance with international standards for automobile industry.
  • A wide array of tracking solutions for transport operations in every industry.