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Intelligent Public Transportation System

GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Intelligent Public Transport is Arya Omnitalk’s web utility for efficient web based fleet management for the vehicles transporting employees. Apart from on-line tracking it also facilities on-line attendance, hands free communication, employee panic condition management tools & much more. This Vehicle Tracking System also has an option of SSL based communication for information sensitive users. The site has a provision to operate in integration with the Routing Engine of Arya Omnitalk.

All that is needed:

Fix Arya Omnitalk’s Autotrax Device in the vehicle along with required accessories, which includes RFID /HID reader too and track the fleet performance by logging on to through authorized hierarchical access.

With the control room application, the Vehicle Tracking System offers the following utilities:

  • On-line real time tracking on digitized map with zoom, pan, search, locate, audit trail etc. type of GIS utilities.
  • Interface to accept complete time table of the bus services along with designated routes for each bus.
  • Router information on digitized map including all the bus stops on the route.
  • Local as well as control room controlled Destination boards on the bus.
  • Auto announcement and display of the approaching bus stop name in multiple languages inside the bus
  • Advertisement content management on the LCD display inside the bus.
  • Display of Estimated Time of Arrival of the bus in multiple languages on the GPRS enabled bus stop display.
  • Mimic display at control room covering actual position of the bus with respect to the designated time table.
  • Host of reports & MIS to improve operational efficiency, business bottom lime SMS based query facility for passengers.

This Vehicle Tracking System will certainly be helpful to ensure better duty time management of employees, alternate resource planning etc., along with offering extensive security to the employees while on move. At the same time one also will be able to use available data for bill verification to control the transportation cost.The same Vehicle Tracking System is equally useful in Student Transportation additional utilities for Parents & the School Administration.