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Police and Public Safety Vehicle Tracking Solution

GPS Fleet Tracking Solution for Police and Public safety

Journey of Arya Omnitalk’s Dispatch solution started before 7 years with the first Dial 100 installation in India where VHF/UHF Radio network based GPS solution was interfaced with call taking and dispatch solution. Then the Emergency Response Citizen Service system was deployed by Arya Omnitalk which worked on dual network as GSM and Radio Trunking. And today Arya Omnitalk has the highest installed based in Indian Police establishment including National Capital Delhi Police, where 800 PCR vans are using GPRS based GPS solution.

There are varieties of devices such as black box, motor bike device, device with messaging facility etc for fixing in police vehicles. The control room solution can work on VPN while offering interface with several other police specific modules, offering following utilities.


The solution offers following utilities.

  • Police specific map creation with zone, police stations, police sub stations, area mapping etc.
  • Emergency service point mapping such as hospitals, trauma centers, specialty clinics, fire stations etc.
  • GIS with police and EMR specific map viewing, map update, management and planning.
  • Police specific vehicle jurisdiction mapping and vehicle movement control within the same.
  • Complete integration with end-to-end call center solution for call taking and dispatch.
  • All standard features related to call taking and dispatch.
  • Provision to dispatch multiple vehicles, including feedback mechanism for event handling.
  • Interface with district control room and centralize command center solution.
  • GPRS based voice file transfer to the vehicle with voice file storage and playback at vehicle unit level for handling secret voice message.
  • Geo-fence based zone management with necessary alerts.
  • MIS and reports.

The use of Arya Omnitalk’s Public Safety and Police solution has really helps respective authorities in improving on response time and offer better civic services.