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In today’s business domain two words of prime importance are “Control” & “Security”.

Control in terms of having a grip on all business resources for their optimized utilization to achieve enhance productivity at minimized cost and Security in terms of creating a feel safe environment for the resources such that it adds to the objective of mission control.

Today employees are treated as the most important resource and one would certainly prefer to offer them the most secure environment. Similarly transportation forms the back bone of every industry and thus the fleet of vehicles becomes one of the important resources where business would wish to have due control and security.

And there comes Arya Omnitalk’s Tracking System portfolio as a handy tool.

CWith in-house product design, service oriented approach and domain presence of over thousands of man months, Arya Omnitalk today is perhaps the largest supplier of end-to-end GPS based Vehicle Tracking System in India. Thousands of vehicles of hundreds of clients are using this solution and reaping desired benefits.

By converging GPS, GIS, GPRS and Application technologies, today Arya Omnitalk has following Vehicle Tracking solutions in it’s portfolio.

Apart from offering Control & Security, the GPS Vehicle Tracking System can also be utilized for Information prediction and broadcast in the public transportation system.

Journey of Arya Omnitalk’s Dispatch solution started before 7 years with the first Dial 100 installation in India where VHF/UHF Radio network based GPS solution was interfaced with call taking and dispatch solution. Then the Emergency Response Citizen Service System was deployed by Arya Omnitalk which worked on dual network as GSM and Radio Trunking. Today Arya Omnitalk has the highest installations across Indian Police establishments including National Capital- Delhi Police, where 800 PCR vans are using GPRS based GPS Vehicle Tracking System.