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Taxi & Cab Services

Dispatch is one of the most efficient application suites of Arya Omnitalk which offers end-to-end package for control room centric Taxi Management Vehicle Tracking System. It offers tight integration of Call center Module, Tracking and Dispatch Module and Business Module for making Taxi dispatch most efficient. Today more than several operators are using this utility for their thousands of radio taxis in India for offering the best customer services while achieving advantages of flexible but firm business controls, plugging of revenue leakages, performance management etc.

The Vehicle Tracking System provides end-to-end call flow management for Taxi business with following features.

  • Call center supported by Computer Telephony Interface with ability to handle thousands of calls a day
  • Call navigation through IVR and ACD
  • Each call with pop-up of caller details on a computer screen, including past call history
  • Map based location identification help to call taker for exactly locating the location of incident / caller in the city and auto plotting of the same on the map
  • Reports for call center executive’s efficiency in terms of call handling
  • Online real time tracking of all vehicles on digitized map with zoom, pan, search, locate, audit trail etc type of GIS utilities
  • Bi-lingual bidding and dispatch instructions for displaying the same on the LCD of the vehicle mount device in the vehicle for driver interface
  • Automatic Dispatch of the nearest vehicle or vehicles to the incident address/ caller’s address while applying various business rules
  • Manual dispatch utility in case of exigency
  • Host of reports & MIS to improve operational efficiency, business bottom lime
  • SMS based intimation to caller for providing the dispatched vehicle details
  • Provision to interface with payment gateway for charged dispatch services
  • Effective content display management for LED advertisement display

Use of Arya Omnitalk TMS ensures best customer response, control over unbilled cab kilometers, human independent bidding and dispatch, effective as well as balanced fleet utilization, support for salaried or subscribed driver package to extend better driver satisfaction, exhaustive MIS for revenue information and many more things, which finally helps in getting the best out of the business while enhancing the business size.