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Trucking and Logistics

Trucking and logistics

Trucking and logistics is one of the sectors where Arya Omnitalk’s Vehicle Tracking System will  add enormous value to fleet operations. Arya Omnitalk specialises in 24X7 tracking of  all the fleet segments namely express cargo, short route transportation, long route transportation & operation specific carriers. With a proven track record of reducing operating costs for fleet owners and plugging fuel theft, the Arya Omnitalk’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System is the need of the hour for every fleet owner whether it is 10 trucks or 1000 trucks.

Daily challenges for trucking and logistics companies are keeping operation costs in check, managing high schedule adherence and  control over vehicles, eliminating or reducing fuel theft, monitoring unauthorised stoppages, safety of vehicle & cargo and prompt information of the truck or consignment to the customer while in transit etc.

The Arya Omnitalk Vehicle Tracking System :

Arya Omnitalk’s Vehicle Tracking System will  sharpen a customer’s competitive advantage over its rivals besides enhancing truck utilization, number of monthly trips and reducing operating costs and misuse .. The proposed solution via AryaOmnitalk’s web portal & Aryaomnitalk’s Autotrax IP 65 GPS device offers an unmatched reliability and rugged solution for Truck owners.

AutoTrax 65 Device Advantage:

  • The device IP 67 compliant by Automotive Research Association of India i.e. the device is completely water resistant & dust resistant.
  • Tamper resistant device.
  • The device is CE certified by TUV. It can sustain wireless interference from other equipment & will generate minimal interference for other equipment.
  •  Environmental compliance as per MIL 810 F: the device is capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions & has been tested under tough conditions such as humidity, high & low temperatures, vibration & shock, making the device robust & effective under rugged conditions.
  • Battery life up to 8 hours. The device will keep tracking even if unplugged from power supply up to 8 hours.

A GPS Vehicle Tracking System that offers following utilities for the Trucking Logistics Industry

  • On-line real time tracking of the fleet on digitized map with zoom, pan, search, locate audit trail etc. type of GIS utilities
  • Consignment management through manifest generation, forward and reveres logistics management, bar-code based delivery tracking etc.
  • Dashboard to provide fleet status at a glance and better customer response
  • Consolidated report to provide fleet efficiency details on daily basis
  • Geo-fence based reporting to operate your fleet as per plan and offer timely deliveries
  • Speed, stoppage, Fuel dip graphs to arrest malpractices by drivers
  • Exception based reporting including automatic mail and alerts
  • SMS based query & alerts, as per set business rules
  • Remote immobilization of vehicle if unauthorized use is suspected.
  • Status reporting for Ignition

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