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Video Conferencing


Desktop Collaboration: Now Better in Every Way

Work with anyone, anywhere in the world. See and hear each other as if you are in the same room, with the Cisco DX Series for your desktop.

Simplify your work day, use apps, and form real connections with the people you work with, wherever they are. It’s collaboration fit for a CEO but priced for everyone.



Business-Class HD Video

Distance is no barrier. Meet with anyone whose device supports the H.264 AVC video standard. Highly secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Integrated Collaboration with Android

The Cisco DX Series is not your traditional video system. It runs Android OS, so you can use WebEx, Jabber, IM, email, a web browser, and other Android apps you rely on. You can customize your desktop. And it can replace your IP phone.



Intuitive Touchscreen

Fully touch-based—like your smartphone—to make everything easier. If you’d like, you can plug in a USB wideband audio handset, or use a Bluetooth or USB headset, keyboard, and mouse.

Multiuser Login and Extension Mobility

More than one person can sign in on the same device—at different times, of course—and it will remember all your profiles. Access your personal contact lists, call logs, and make any unit your own.



Multilayer Security

Cisco offers security at multiple levels of the network. Security Enhanced (SE) Android provides more protection by isolating applications to keep sensitive data safer. And your IT admin has the option to limit device capabilities.

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