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Security Agencies

Arya Omnitalk’s Walky Talky Solution acts as a force multiplier helps Guarding organizations be more productive, effective and competitive.

Guards with walkie talkies look and work more professionally, than guards without walkie talkies.  Smart looking and more effective guards means better image for the customer also.

A wide area walky talky service with the facility of unlimited talk groups helps the concept of Centralized Guarding Control Room to constantly remain connected with their teams which have been deployed across the city.  ONLY such a system allows the command and control system of operation.

During an emergency resources have to be quickly mobilized.  Instant and group communication is the only way to meet emergencies. Arya Omnitalk’s Walky Talky System is the most effective & efficient during emergencies.


Large manufacturing units like steel plants, power plants, petroleum units, chemical Industries, fertiliser plants etc. where the man power is more than 2000 and above & are spread across an operational area  of 5 to 10 kilometres, need co-ordination with major or all departments for smooth functioning & require instant communication. The preferred service to cater to these needs are Trunked Walkie Talkies due to superior coverage and connectivity as compared to VHF walkie talkies.


  • Separate talk groups to ensure highest level of security, instant one to many communication among the security team, with connectivity between stores, admin, process & marketing departments and with superior coverage across the factory premises.
  • City wide communication for senior management to monitor activities even from their residences
  • Clear communication even in noisy factory ambient
  • Virtually no cross-talk

Walky Talky – GPS Combo Solution

Safe and punctual employee transportation is critical for a BPO’s success. Arya Omnitalk’s Walky Talky – GPS combo solution ensures you get the best of both worlds- Arya Omnitalk Walky Talky for instant, clear, one-to-many communication & Arya Omnitalk GPS on GPRS for high -speed tracking in times of crisis.

In addition the vehicle mounted (radio based) Panic button offers great control in the hands of the employee if ever she/he is in trouble. Voice recorder at the control room for recording live conversations in the cabs and online vehicle location images on screen complete the safety solution. Various useful reports on over speeding, excess stoppage, dispute resolution during first employee pickup, etc. add value to the product and ensure peace of mind for the transport desk.

Check out Arya Omnitalk’s Walky Talky- GPS  GPS Combo Solution on You Tube.



A congestion free City Wide Network, with multiple talk group facility for simultaneous conversation, which is secure and hacking proof with sufficient back options for quick system recovery, is the most suitable walky talky option for this vertical of users.

Walkie Talkies are a crucial communication tool for smooth, quick intra department, inter department coordination. But security application is the one application for walky talkies which supersedes all other requirements at the embassies.  The foreign diplomats, high ranked officials and embassy staff (foreign nationals & Indians) need to be protected at all times both at the work place or at their residences or when they are moving within the city. Periodic updates to the embassies and to the central control room on their situation through Walkies takes place. The Arya Omnitalk PMRTS walkie talkies are the perfect solution where a secure communication network is utmost priority.

Walky Talky Solution for the Municipal Corporations

Management of Public Utilities like the Fire Department, Solid Waste Management, repair and maintenance of the city infrastructure, Octroi collection, water transportation requires very frequent and mission critical communication, mostly within the municipal corporation staff. With an average call length of 10 seconds and the supervising staff required to roll call of the staff on field duty, Arya Omnitalk Walky Talkies are the most ideal way to communicate efficiently (just dialing on a cell phone will take 8-10 seconds). The advantage of “unlimited talk limited cost” and Arya Omnitalk Walky Talky’s “Management by listening in” ensures an efficient & cost effective way to communicate anywhere within a city. Moreover, the Arya Omnitalk Walky Talky can be subdivided into several virtually independent sub systems as if each department owned a separate network, with the flexibility to create common talkgroups across departments.

Other Industries

11  Government

12  Power Generation Companies

13  Public Utility Services

14  Hotels



  • Co-ordination between reception & vehicle parking bay
  • Co-ordination during guest movement like complimentary pick up/ drop etc.
  • Co-ordination during breakdown maintenance & regular preventive maintenance
  • Co-ordination in the banquet/ pubs for crowd management
  • Co-ordination between the kitchen & restaurant
  • Crowd management during major events & parties: Christmas, New Year’s etc.
  • Security co-ordination among the security guards
  • Disaster management


15  Hospitals

16  Property Developers